Dear Craftiness,

Dear Craftiness,

I realize that over the past couple weeks posts have been pretty debbie downer.  It was very cathartic to throw what I needed to say out into the universe instead of having it tucked away in my moleskin diary.  Anyway I came across an post in one of my favorite blogs Mommy Shorts about a mom who with her daughter creates dresses using paper and other reclaimed household objects.  The only thing I could think to myself was, “SOMEONE GET ME A SMALL CHILD RIGHT NOW THIS IS HAPPENING!”  (Don’t judge me for following a mommy blog it’s hilarious.  No shame and no pedo.)

I’m very sure I’ve mentioned in the past the affinity I hold for creating costumes made completely by hand and (almost) completely out of duct tape and cardboard.  I’m not sure when this all started really, but honestly no one is surprised that this has become a passion of mine (I’m super strange.  It’s just how it is).  Even though my portfolio of designs is not as vast as I would like it to be, each has taken on it’s own memorial spirit…as they are all built to only last one night.  It’s not shoddy workmanship on my part, it’s just when you’re walking around in wall to wall post consumer cardboard material, you want to be able to abandon said article in a timely manner.  Because although I love my work. it’s hot…like balls hot in there.

My first documented dance with costuming would have to be hat one year I tried to be Goku from Dragonball Z.  In place golden super sayan locks I went with the rainbow wig my dad had bought for a UH Rainbow Warriors tailgating event.


It was a good year for costumes.  Notice Kristen’s Dumbledore in the foreground.  We had to improvise a beard so she spent most of the night attached to the wall where the fake spiderwebs were hanging from.  Also Marissa peeking into this photo had an amazing Patrick Star costume also handmade.  She actually is waybetter at this whole thing than I am.  I will try to find a full version picture of her.  As you can see this didn’t involve duct tape or cardboard, but a couple well colored sheets from the closet and goodwill.  I hadn’t discovered my mediums of choice yet.

Second and probably most notable was the Megazord costume coming from the show everyone should have watched as a child Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Unfortunately I myself have no documentation of this prized costume, but you can probably imagine the original as it clunkily graced the screen of your home television screen clear in your minds eye (or you should be able to if you are at all proud of your childhood).


Truly it was a glorious sight to behold.  To top it off I added speakers in the mastodon shoulder area that continuously played the theme song on loop and a hatch where the rangers had their command center in the middle to which I dispensed candy through out that balmy halloween day. Probably the best part of this costume was the fact that I duct taped a pair of slippers into the triceratops and saber tooth foot holds to anchor them on my feet, subsequently making walking a flailing trundling mess…much like the original.  I had to dismantle myself before entering door ways to go to class and walking up stairs to the front of Alexander Hall to accept my best costume award (it was 20 dollars at Jamba Juice…really Punahou?).  Luckily I have the greatest friends who just followed me around and helped carry the pieces.  Seriously the best friends.  I shared the Jamba Juice with them to be sure.

Another so-to-say award winning costume was for the Border’s Bookstore premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  A lot of my friends were going as various characters from the book such as Harry, Ron, etc. a bunch of girls went as “Hoe Chang” a play off of Cho Chang…you know anything to slut it up a bit.  Naturally I decided my best bet was to pick an inanimate object and run with it.  So I was the golden snitch.


They had various age groups to which I was a contestant in the “adult” category.  Instead of doing an interview on stage to talk about my costume like everyone else, I had my friend Kyle who was dressed as Harry chase me around the store, thus highlighting the true nature of the object I was trying to portray.  Yes it was entertaining yet I still awaited my second place prize due to the fact that there was a guy who made what looked like a 2 month project dementor complete with stilts that housed dry ice that periodically emitted fog wherever he stepped. Needless to say one of the scariest moments of my existence was learning I had won first prize and seeing this giant black stilted Harry Potter fan drifting towards me through the children’s section isle.  Life resumed after he very politely asked to take a picture of me floated away and I was forced to do interviews with local news stations.  They were super awkward I made sure of that.  (Once again only a $25 gift card…there is no money in cardboard cosplay I suppose)

A few other costumes that I hold pride in are:

His and hers batman prom costumes


The Jamba Juice umbrella


Ms. Pac Man


Water cooler


and most recently Sprinkler


Basically this post was to just show off how awesome I am at making things out of nothing.  They’re not quality…but then again they are totally worth it.  Long story short, my future children are going to have pretty spectacular costumes.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as eating too much spaghetti…actually I’m certain there is and I have surpassed that limit…but I can’t help it.  At his current status, Baxter is about 7 months along…Baxter being my food baby for those of you not in the know…now you know.




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